We lead the market by investing and developing to deliver only the best of services and products to our clients

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Misr Sinai

Investing and Developing for a Bright Future

Misr Sinai Company is subsidiary of 7 Mountains Group specialised in industrial development. We pioneer the market in providing solutions reshaping the industries in the Egyptian market and beyond. Our services are designed and developed by experts to achieving global leadership. Our solutions includes:

  • - Land Reclamation
  • - Supply and Export
  • - Marble mining and supply

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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while
offering our employees the best training.

We strive to deliver quality services and products to our clients to become leaders in our line of business. Precision, efficacy and qualities defines our core values to achieve revolutionary development resulting in noticeable economic development and growth.

We believe that an economic development lies in efficient investment. We also believe that investing in industrial development is key to achieve growth in the Egyptian Market. Expanding our investment in industrial development is a key to create a collaborative environment leading to economic growth and development.

We stive to deliver the services and products of the highest qualities. Our core values precision, excellence and innovation are deeply embedded into the foundation of our firm to achieve maximum client satisfaction.

Our Team is our greatest and foremost previous asset. We are proud to be a head of competition by constantly and continuously train and develop our team to be familiar with the latest and most advanced technologies and techniques as well as to innovate new ideas to fulfil our clients needs and requirements. Our Team share our belief in our values as they work around the clock to ensure providing and delivering products and services to achieve utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

We strengthen our relation with our clients by taking ownership of their projects. We think of our clients to be more of partners of success building on a fruitful, continuing and successful partnership.

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